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Introverts Personality

The introverts would likely enjoy the items below. You can personalize the scent of the essential oils, crystal, and gemstone colors from our collection.

Item List for Card 2

Audacious Essential Oils Blend

Audacious Blend-2/Pack -this Essential Oil Blend in a 10 ml roll-on bottle, suitable for all genders. Self-love can lead to a more prosperous and happiness. This Essential Oil Blend was meant to help increase self-assurance and inner strength and wipe out fears and anxiety. Use Audacious Blend in your morning routine to usher in a natural sense of self-confidence.

Euphoric Ambience Fragrance Oil Blend

Duo Pack - "Euphoric Ambience" Fragrance Oil Blend in a 10 ml Roll-On Bottle. This universal scent accommodates your thoughts and feelings to create a more uplifting and positive atmosphere. Our Euphoric Ambience is suitable for all genders.

Gift Set 2

Handmade Essential Oils Diffuser 8" Bracelet with Genuine Gemstones of your choice (choose Tiger Eyes, Amethyst, or Rose Quartz), and Lava Rock -  It is suitable for all genders, is an original design, and was drafted in the USA. This set included a 10 ml pure Lavender Essential Oil and a 10 ml roll-on Frankincense Essential Oil Blend. Please see product info for more information.

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